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As part of the goal of connecting women within this field with a support system of others in nearby geographic locations, your feedback is important. Please complete this survey and consider sharing it with others in your network. The more feedback is received, the more this group can become tailored to your needs, hopes, and dreams.

West Michigan Women In Tech have a variety of organizations they can become a part of, but most of those organizations are focused on education rather than personal and professional support and networking. The intent of this group is to provide a venue for friendships and deeper professional connections to form.

The target audience includes current femme-identifying students in technology related subjects (CS, IS, CIS, CE, EE, etc.), established professionals, and those looking at breaking into the field. It is not limited to anyone with a degree or title directly related to tech, but is open to any interested individuals.




Connecting with other local women in tech has never been as easy, with a Slack Group for members to synch up in real time or on their own schedule, friends are only a click away!

Also feel free to email the founder with any questions, feedback, or ideas!